RACEWIN IVR administration enables client connection technique by encouraging consistent and persistent association experience to the guests. IVR frameworks can react with pre-recorded or powerfully created sound to facilitate direct clients on the most proficient method to continue. IVR frameworks can be utilized to control any capacity where the interface can be separated into a progression of straightforward menu decisions. IVRS permits a solitary point contact for a large group of administrations, mechanized access to data, 24-hour operations, diminished operational expenses, and so on.

Preferences of IVRS for the business

The reporting instrument gives adaptability in all courses by empowering organizations to screen information inflow, show execution markers on an assortment of yields and in this manner bringing the call focus constant operations into the notification of the directors and concerned persons. This apparatus additionally empowers the client to recover live reports on any framework supporting a web program.

Empowers Multiple dialect backing with client configurable channel particular dialect. Number of dialects utilized may shift from 1 to 10.

Advantages of IVRS for the business

  • » IVR solution developed by RACEWIN can enable callers to access their information by directing them to the right department via telephone instructions.
  • » Provides consistent and accurate information and provides efficient and cost-effective customer service.
  • » With our solution customers are put to right people to access their information and this avoids long call waiting is extremely beneficial to companies in cutting down on live call handling time and also enables the employees to concentrate on others matters of importance.
  • » The IVRS easily integrates with your backend databases and web applications and provides data to your callers and captures in the form of reports for future use.

The key features of IVRS developed by RACEWIN include

  • » Our Modular and scalable design facilitates increase in the number of channels or services without changing the basic IVR software.
  • » Our IVRS solution detects an incoming ring and automatically establishes connection in response to the ring signal.
  • » The IVRS solution gives an impression of human interaction available round the clock (24*7) throughout the year.
  • » The Dynamic, user configurable, channel specific menu of IVRS, results in setting of different services for different incoming lines.
  • » The reporting tool provides flexibility in all ways by enabling companies to monitor data inflow , display performance indicators on a variety of outputs and thereby brings the call center real time operations in to the notice of the managers and concerned persons. This tool also enables the user to retrieve live reports on any system supporting a web browser.
  • » Enables Multiple language support with user configurable channel specific language. Number of languages used may vary from 1 to 10.

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