educational management system (EMS)

Racewin’s EMS solution is a futuristic, scalable, and fully customizable application. It is designed to fit any Educational Institution with any requirements.

Racewin’s EMS (Educational Management System) empowers guardians of institutions and the establishment heads of educational organizations with better approaches to guide students therefore reaching their maximum potential.

Racewin’s EMS has been empowering Educational Institutions with the following services – Voice SMS, Bulk Text SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Administrations.

Racewin’s EMS also enables the parents and students to access the interactive voice responsive system, giving out detailed information such as exam schedules, results, school notices, subject marks, due dates for assignments and attendance. An excellent tool for parents and administrative heads to keep a tab on the children, to protect them from falling prey to all sorts of teenage trouble like crime, sex, alcohol, drugs, bunking classes, addiction etc by tracking each movement of the student. It is a great opportunity for parents to have peace of mind that their child is doing well at school.

EMS Features

EMS is a user friendly interface application. People with minimum computer knowledge can operate with ease.

Solution enables coordination between different stake holders like – parents- Institutes, students – teachers, Management – teacher and management organization development, required analysis. Reports, graphics, generates with this organization quality, also helps in the development of the organization.


EMS Functions

Some of the salient functions of the EMS platform include

  • For Educational institutions, Racewin system provides rich reporting details like daily, weekly, yearly attendance, fees details and (total fees, term fees and Balance) not only this but also gives the details of marks subject wise, grade wise percentage and also exams details of organizations staff and customers to give them Birthday wishes and to give all occasional wishes and greetings through IVR system to show respect and gratitude by which can gain trust and loyalty.
  • Racewin IVR has the capacity to handle huge calls, so that the information can be passed in a right time.
  • It is convenient for the students and also reduces man power, infrastructure, and telecom charges. Pre-recorded voice, dynamically generated voice can work in required languages.
  • Racewin out bound (IVR) systems, effectively Reduces the expenses of the customers. Potential to create a Big organization.
  • Racewin in-bound IVR is a Sales Service software applications, when you are not available it works as a virtual receptionist to provide 24/7 information. It creates new avenues organizational development.
  • IVR solutions can handle multiple calls simultaneously, Racewin IVR provides – weekly, daily, yearly attendance, total fees balance, all the details of the dates with subject wise grades and percentages, with configurable parameters.
  • Details of open positions for faculty and student’s admission, events, examinations details, last amendments, to customers DTMF interactions can be done. Entire institutions calendar can be shared in advance to the various stake holders.

EMS Characteristics

EMS will be a client cordial interface requisition. People with basic computer knowledge also can operate with ease.

EMS programming will be a totally adaptable user friendly software, for various configurable parameters for customized benefits. EMS is designed for effectiveness, accuracy, multi-level security. EMS portable app helps windows and linux pauling platforms. EMS meets expectations with the IVR database, connected with the endeavor. EMS sms (smart message system) Also savvy card (API) need the ability with coordinate for 3rd one gathering frameworks. Result comprises for element web portals. GPRS API could be incorporated under those stage. EMS phone utilizing IVR might fill in together.


EMS Capacities

A percentage of the remarkable capacities of the EMS stage incorporate.

For instructive institutions, Racewin framework gives rich reporting weight subtle elements such as daily, weekly, yearly attendance and fees points like (total fees, haul fees and Balance) and also gives information such as subject wise, review insightful rate. And also about exams, associations staff, birthday wishes and greetings through IVR framework which goe son to build great trust.

Racewin IVR has capabilities to handle enormous calls and may be advantageous for those learners and likewise diminishes man-power, infrastructure. Also telecom charges. Pre-recorded voice, rapidly created voice camwood partake) energizes needed dialects.


We try our best to realize parents desire come true. As every parent's dream is to be with their children, guiding and mentoring them every step of the way.

Racewin turns the parent to an active and focused participant in the growth and success of his ward. We make every parents to oversee their child's progress every minute of the day. Yes! it's true, now you can actually keep a tab on your ward's progress 24*7, checking into his/her

Racewin enables you to exactly know where your ward is and guide him to a better future making better decisions.



Every child is struggling hard to face new age challenges. struggling to keep up with scores, performances and excellence in appraisals. As their elders, it’s our responsibility to make life easier for them. RACEWIN supports students to develop good attitude, character and guide them towards successful News & Media.

  • Dates of admission, pre-requisites for admission and status of admission for any application.
  • Any important announcements for parents like dates for parents-teachers meetings or any other messages.
  • Voice mail accounts for each and every student (especially in case of a boarding school), to help parents leave important messages for their wards
  • Parents’ Grievance Box, to make parents leave their grievances about their child’s performance, for any subject.
  • The recorded grievance is then automatically sent to the voice mailbox of the teacher who takes that particular subject in the class.


The point when a client calls an instructive institute, you need to project them about the strength of your organization. Since you are not accessible you need to attend calls 24/7 and also address them through virtual receptionist. Sitting in your home starting with your portable you need to provide for crisis data within 2 minutes to your client. And so know associations connect with your clients utilizing Racewin innovations. For certain IVR with (EMS) meets expectations. Racewin gives a client cordial GUI based instruments that might empower on making custom IVR call streams in the establishments for moment administration satisfaction. It gives 24/7 information, and it offers a risk free situation to the clients so elevating the organization giving 100% security.

IVR result might be utilized for promoting and marking to client items.



Racewin’s EMS (Educational Management System) empowers guardians of institutions and the establishment heads of educational organizations with better approaches to guide students therefore reaching their maximum potential.

Across various educational organizations in India, through EMS Racewin has been offering the following services – Voice SMS, Bulk Text SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Administrations

When you are running an educational institute which caters to the needs to thousands of students, parents, faculty members, new enquiries etc, you need to have an excellent solutionfor flawlessperformance. While dealing with the future of thousands of the youth of the nation, it becomes a huge responsibility to execute all the duties without any mistakes.

  • Futuristic, Scalable solution for Low cost
  • Maintains high standards of service with“24/7 support”
  • Higher level of automation
  • Enhances interest towards education to students
  • 100% information communication to parents on everything about their wards.
  • Enables educational institutions to stand way apart from the rest. “Competitive advantage over other educational institutions


Polls and Survey

It is a great challenge to know and understand what parents are expecting from institution. Racewin Survey and polls is a perfect solution for this.

Racewin Polls and Survey is a great way to reach and engage with Parents / your target _audience by creating custom Polls and Surveys. So that it helps you understand what parents are expecting from you.

Helps you in improving kids attendence, Facutly services, Organization Services, Transportation services and updates and Kids Performance.

Polls and Surveys helps you in retaining students and also improves new footfalls because parents are happy as they are getting everything they are expecting.


Racewin delivers messages faster, creates a consistent image and strengthens your brand recognition by creating a seamless, compelling experience across all of our communication channels with parents, children and teachers.

Racewin solutions improves Word of mouth campainging as it makes parents happy with its instant engagement.

The best branding media is the Word of Mouth, as the parents get thier kids day to day information. that enhances the perfect environment for a great brand campaign with Stronger voice and wider reach at zero costs.

Racewin enhances your branding by making a campaign known more widely, and enhancing its credibility both with the target audience and potential supporters.



Racewin's return on investment is a perfect metric because of its versatility and simplicity and it can be used as a rudimentary gauge of an investments and its profitability so that you can plan a perfect investment plan for better success.

Racewin’s solutions helps in retaining students and also improves new footfalls because parents are happy as they are getting everything they are expecting. through its scalable, robustic solutions at Zero investment as the cost will be encashed from parents. As all the IVR services cost will be paid by the end user.

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